Production_Army Navy E Award - Award granted only to outstanding production facilities
Production_Crack the Axis
Production_Get Hot
Production_Give 'Em Both Barrels
Production_His Life in Your Hands
Production_It Could Happen Here []
Production_Jap You're Next []
Production_Keep 'Em Flying
Production_Keep Home Fires Burning
Production_More Production
Production_Produce for Victory - Ellis Island
Production_Produce for Victory - Pearl Harbor
Production_Produce for Victory - Russians
Production_Produce for Your Navy
Production_Stop Accidents
Production_Stop This Monster
Production_Take Day Off
Production_Warning Our Homes in Danger - Our Job Keep Em Firing
Production_We Can Do It - Rosie the Riveter
Production_Women in the War
Production_You're Darn Tootin []
Careless  Talk_Loose Lips Might Sink Ships
Careless Talk_A Needless Loss
Careless Talk_A Needless Sinking
Careless Talk_A War Message
Careless Talk_Americans Suffer
Careless Talk_Another Cross
Careless Talk_Award
Careless Talk_Be Careful What You Say or Write
Careless Talk_Bits Pieced Together
Careless Talk_Carless Words
Careless Talk_Don't Be a Sucker
Careless Talk_Don't Gamble with Your Life
Careless Talk_Don't Kill Her Daddy
Careless Talk_Don't Talk Loosley - Don't Spread Rumors
Careless Talk_Don't Talk Out of School
Careless Talk_Don't Talk Out of Turn
Careless Talk_Don't Talk Us Out of This
Careless Talk_FDR Counting on You
Careless Talk_Gold Star
Careless Talk_Got There First (parachute)
Careless Talk_Got There First
Careless Talk_If You Talk Too Much
Careless Talk_If You Tell Where He's Going
Careless Talk_If You Tell
Careless Talk_Is Not Free Speech
Careless Talk_Keep It Under Your Hat
Careless Talk_Keep Mum
Careless Talk_Keep Your Trap Shut
Careless Talk_Less Dangerous
Careless Talk_Look Who's Talking
Careless Talk_Needless Sinking
Careless Talk_Protect His Future
Careless Talk_Silence Means Security
Careless Talk_Someone Talked
Careless Talk_The Enemy is Listening
Careless Talk_The Secret Silence Means Security
Careless Talk_Wanted for Murder
Carless Talk_Don't Talk_Nazi and Japs
Carless Talk_Don't Talk_Nazi
Carless Talk_Somebody Blabbed
Carless Talk_Somebody Blabbed2
Carless Talk_Sound that Kills comic
Loose Talk_Button Your Lip
Loose Talk_Can Cause This
Loose Talk_Can Cost Lives
Loose Talk_Don't Be a Dope
Loose Talk_Loose Talk Costs Lives (bench)
Loose Talk_Quiet
Loose Talk_Stop
Careless Talk_Listen Don't Talk
Loose Talk_Think Before You Talk
Carless Talk_Don't Kill Americans

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   Propaganda Posters
World War Two Posters
The images on this page are of U.S. propaganda posters used in World War Two to motivate millions of Americans in the successful effort to defeat the Axis Powers in World War Two.  Today, propaganda is commonly thought of to be false or misleading and the term is commonly used in a derogatory way.  This was not always true. Propaganda is actually neither right or wrong and is not necessarily deceptive.  The message conveyed can be valid.

When these World War 2 posters were created, the earlier definition of propaganda applied (i.e. spreading ideas or information to further a cause).  Most of the posters below convey accurate messages of what America was fighting to preserve - our freedoms, our way of life, and what average citizens could do to help in the war effort.  Some of the posters are very powerful in both image and words.  Others give motivational or informational messages.

In the overly sensitive, easily offended, multi-cultural, and politically-correct nation we have become, many of these posters would not have been produced today. 

Careless Talk

During World War Two, troop movements, strategies, and tactics were highly guarded and the message was driven home by many posters and informational films.  A 10-minute movie about Safeguarding Military Secrets and the posters below give insight about the possible ramifications of loose talk.

Today the media and our own government broadcast our troop levels, troop movements, strategy, and tactics.  Some might find the idea of secrecy as quaint, out-of-date, or possibly even diabolical but those people are wrong.  How many needless deaths does giving the enemy information cause?  Could we stomach again the hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded troops and civilians incurred during World War II?

To win any war, you need good planning, effective troops, a supportive home front, and weapons. Many World War 2 posters focused on maximizing production. Take a look at some of the posters below. The "E" Award was an award for excellence given only to facilities producing outstanding production and quality.
War Bonds and War Loans

To build the weapons, money is needed and lots of it.  To finance the war effort, the United States Government borrowed from Americans by selling war bonds and through taxation.  Celebrity endorsements such as
Abbott and Costello promotional films, and posters helped sell the bonds . Videos promoting war bonds can be watched on the World War Two War Loans page. The posters are below.

The United States government actively sought women to fill the civilian ranks left by American men who were drafted into the military.

The military also needed to fill positions vacated by men who were overseas. The military actively recruited women. The Army had the Women's Army Corp (WAC); The Navy: Women Accepted for Emergency Voluntary Service (WAVES); The Coast Guard: Women's Reserve (SPARs).

Here are a few recruitment posters directed at women:
Selected U.S. Armed Forces Recruitment Posters:
British World War 2 propaganda posters can be found here.
German World War 2 propaganda posters are located here.

Thanks to the Old Time Radio Researchers Group for many of the poster images.
Kingsmen singing "Keepin' Our Big Mouths Shut":
Please note:  The audio and video on this page require Windows Media Player and may take a moment to load.

The definition of "propaganda" has evolved over the years to take on a more negative connotation but this was not always the case as evidenced by the definitions from several dictionaries published at different times.

From 1971:
"the spreading of ideas or information deliberately to further one's cause or damage an opposing cause" from The New Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam Company, 1971, page 398.

From 1979:
"any widespread promotion of particular ideas, doctrines" from Webster's New World Dictionary, Simon and Schuster, 1979, page 479.

From 1983:
"any systematic, widespread, deliberate indoctrination or plan for such indoctrination: now often used in a derogatory sense, connoting deception or distortion" from Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, Deluxe Second Edition Simon and Schuster, 1983, page 1442.
Click the image to watch the video.

Safeguarding Military Information is a 10-minute movie produced by the United States Government to dramatize the importance of keeping military secrets.
Listen to the Kingsmen sing "Keeping Your Mouth Shut".
Music also played a role in reminding the citizenry of the importance of not spreading secrets.
War Bonds_ Buy Hari Kari Kit for Jap
War Bonds_ Don't Let Shadow Touch Them
War Bonds_Back the Attack 3rd War Loan
War Bonds_Beat the Jap First
War Bonds_Bonds or Bondage
War Bonds_Buy a Part for a Jeep
War Bonds_Buy That Invasion Bond
War Bonds_Buy War Bonds (Uncle Sam and soldiers)
War Bonds_Buying Bonds is No Sacrafice 4th War Loan
War Bonds_Deliver Us from Evil (religious)
War Bonds_Every Bale
War Bonds_Extra War Bonds (broom) 5th War Loan
War Bonds_Here's Your Infantry
War Bonds_I was at Bataan
War Bonds_I'm Making Bonds and Buying Bonds
War Bonds_Our Good Earth
War Bonds_Pour It On
War Bonds_Remember Pearl Harbor
War Bonds_Save Freedom of Speech
War Bonds_Save Freedom of Worship - Norman Rockwell
War Bonds_Send a Bond (Santa in Helmet)
War Bonds_Keep It Up
War Bonds_Women at War
War Bonds_50 dollar war bond sample
War Bonds_100 dollar war bond sample
Employment_Get a War Job
Employment_Mile of Hell to Tokyo
Employment_Stenographers Needed
Employment_Women at Work - Good Work Sister
Employment_Women at Work the Sooner We Win
Employment_Women in the War Industry
Employment_Women There's Work to Be Done
Employment_Women's Land Army_Harvest Crops
Employment_Women's Land Army_Pitch in and Help
Employment_Found the Job Where I Fit Best
Armed Forces Recuriment Poster for Women_For Your Country's Sake
Navy_WAVES Recruitment Poster
Navy Coast Guard_Women SPARS
WAC_Army Cartographer
WAC_Army Model Maker
WAC_Army Photographer
WAC_Army Photographic Lab Tech
WAC_Army Weather Observer
WAC_Chemical Lab Asst Job
WAC_Join a Hospital Company
WAC_Join the Women's Army Corp
WAC_Women's Place in War Army Job
WAC_Women's Place in War Weather Observer
WAC_Women's Place in War
Army Air Forces_Oer the Ramparts We Watch Recruitment Poster
Army Air Forces_Sure I'll Help Recruitment Poster
Army_Aviator Recruitment - Keep 'Em Flying
Army_Follow Me Recruitment Poster
Army_I Want You Recruitment Poster
Army_Keep Em Flying - Air Crews Recuritment Poster
Army_Stop Him Recruitment Poster
Army Air Corp Qualifications Poster
Marine Corp_Semper Fidelis Poster
Marines_Be a US Marine
Navy_Arise Americans Recruitment Poster
Navy_Call to a Breed that Never Dies Recruitment Poster
Navy_Man the Guns Recruitment Poster
Navy_Our Men Out There Recruitment Poster
Navy_Produce for Your Navy
Other Home Front posters
The Home Front
To remind Americans why they were fighting and to provide guidance as to what was needed and expected. Posters were used. Movies were also created and some of them can be viewed on the
Home Front page.

     Conservation and Rationing
Conservation_Avoid Waste
Conservation_Car Club
Conservation_Car-Sharing Club
Conservation_Hot Water Hog
Conservation_How to Keep Warm
Conservation_Prepare for Winter
Conservation_Save Waste Fats
Rationing_Keep the Home Front Pledge
Rationing_My Pledge
Rationing_Pledge Your Conscience to Your Country
Home Front_1778-1943 Americans Will Always Fight for Freedom
Home Front_Avenge December 7
Home Front_Books are Weapons (FDR Quote)
Home Front_Eat the Right Food
Home Front_Fight for Freedom - World Cannot Exist Half Slave and Half Free
Home Front_Fight for Freedom from Want
Home Front_Fight for Freedom of Fear
Home Front_Fight for Freedom of Speech, Worship, Want, Fear
Home Front_Four Pillars of Freedom - Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly
Home Front_Give It Your Best (flag)
Home Front_He's Watching You
Home Front_Japs Execute Doolittle Men
Home Front_Jesus on Cross Attacked by Axis Powers
Home Front_Joe Louis
Home Front_Loyalty
Home Front_Nazi Worker Slavery
Home Front_No Time for Easy Optimism
Home Front_Remember December 7th
Home Front_This is America Keep It Free
Home Front_This is America Let Freedom Ring
Home Front_This is America Ports of Freedom
Home Front_United Nations - United We are Strong
Home Front_United Nations for Freedom (1)
Home Front_United Nations for Freedom (2)
Home Front_United Nations for Freedom (3)
Home Front_United We Win
Home Front_Volunteer for Civilian Defense
Home Front_We Are in This Now Quote from FDR_1941Dec9
Home Front_We'll Take Care of Rising Sun You Take Care of Rising Prices
Home Front_We're Fighting to Prevent This (crushed church)
Home Front_You Talk of Sacrifice
Home Front_Dorie Miller
Home Front_Women on the War Path Need Paint (Rexall Drug Store Advertisement)
Please note:  The audio and video on this page require Windows Media Player.  The player will launch in a new window and the media may take a few moments to load.