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There are many, many web sites out there that provide a tremendous amount of news about the entertainment industry and then, there are just plain fun sites.  The following list is intended to showcase some of the best web sites I've encountered.   

Randy's Old Time Radio Shows Here's a site that has thousands of episodes of shows available for download. For a paltry $7.00 you can download 1 GB worth of shows.

Original Old Time Radio Pages If not the most comprehensive Old Time Radio web site, it's dern near close to it. Great program show logs.

Radio Days Another extremely informative Old Time Radio site.

America in the 1930s The American Studies Program at the University of Virginia created this web site devoted to the 1930s.  This site has extensive audio and video including in-depth information and photographs of this era and video of the 1939-1940 New York World's Fair. You can also listen to WJSV's entire September 21, 1939 broadcast day at this page.  Click here to see the WJSV schedule. The America in the 1930s web site is well worth a visit.

Astronomy Picture of the Day Beautiful and interesting pictures of the cosmos provided by NASA This page links to the index.  Be prepared to be "wowed".

Spaceflight NASA's web site devoted to manned space exploration.